Are you a master in the force?

Ever wanted to know if you are a force master. This will show you if you are immortal in the force or not. everybody has a passion you always will have something.

You are strong. Knowing this change you as you are become a nice helpful or a calm person. You do have something within you. all you need is a change.

Created by: Jedi Elder

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  1. Do you meditate?
  2. How long do you meditate? If you do not say no.
  3. What do you do if you see someone being bullied?
  4. Do you laugh at funny things but bad things?
  5. Do you feel the force like you have a force sprit with you?
  6. If you do things calmly can you aclompish them?
  7. Have you took a quiz on if you are a Jedi master.Or a quiz on if you are a Sith Lord?
  8. Are you good at light sabers?
  9. Are you a calm person?
  10. Who was the most strongest person in the force?

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Quiz topic: Am I a master in the force?