Which part of the tri-force are you? Breath of the Wild

This quiz will decide what part of the tri-force you are. What is the tri-force you may ask.Oh it's a triangle thingy that's mentioned in like every Zelda game.

It would probably be a bad idea to take this quiz if you don't know what the tri-force is (Oh my),haven't played Breath of the Wild(Oh my my),don't like the Legend of Zelda(What kind of flippin gamer are you!!!)

Created by: Zelda
  1. How sly are you?
  2. Do you think Revali deserves a punch in the beak?
  3. Which is your favourite Zelda game?
  4. Who is your favourite champion?
  5. Isn't baby Sidon ADORABLE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  6. Do you love Zelda?
  7. Do you love Link?
  8. Do you love Ganon?
  9. Favourite type of champion
  10. Does the full tri-force have wings?

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Quiz topic: Which part of the tri-force am I? Breath of the Wild