How Well do you know Glitter Force

There are many people who watch this anime show called glitter force.many are a fan of this show many are not so if you are a glitter force fan then this is a quiz for you.

Are you a glitter force fan or are you not? Well thanks to the glitter force quiz I made you can find out wether you are a glitter force fan or if you are not then that's ok you don't have to do this quiz. This quiz is made for fun purposes only.

Created by: Akko of gotoquiz
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  1. Did Emily get hit by a book with a pixie flying inside while she on her way to school?
  2. Is Chloe a Glitter Force Warrior that is named Glitter Breeze?
  3. Is Glitter Force an anime
  4. If you are fan of Glitter Force then answer this question! How many episodes of Glitter Force is there?
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  6. How many Glitter charms can the Glitter Charm Chest hold?
  7. Is Candy a pixie from Jubliland or a school. Girl?
  8. Huujxshdnshdh
  9. You're almost there. Do you like this quiz?
  10. Hbhdfgdhde

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Quiz topic: How Well do I know Glitter Force