How well do you know Glitter Force

Do you know the Netflix Original Glitter Force?? Let's see how well you REALLY know the characters, plots, colors and much more by taking this quiz that will give you the answer!

Do YOU know Glitter Force? Have you not only watched the show, but loved the show? Thanks to this quiz you really know if you payed attention to the Netflix Orignal Glitter Force!

Created by: peacelily

  1. What color hair does Lily have?
  2. Who was the last person to join the glitter force?
  3. What is the pixie's name???
  4. What character says "A force as strong as life it's self"?
  5. Why does Chloe quit all her clubs?
  6. What does the glitter force try to earn?
  7. Name everyone on the glitter force!
  8. What color eyes does April have?
  9. Who was the Fourth person to join the glitter force?
  10. Bye! Did you like this quiz?

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Quiz topic: How well do I know Glitter Force