What glitter force doki doki warrior are YOU?

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You’ve played cards and watched glitter force . You still can not find a connection. But there is in all— new glitter force doki doki . Heart ,diamond,clover,spade and Ace have come to life! (See on netflix)

HI! You’ve watched glitter force doki doki ,right? So you want to know witch one are you? Take this quiz!be sure to awnser all of the ten questions! Yeah

Created by: Bella
  1. What is your color?
  2. What power would you like to control
  3. Who are you?
  4. What is your fav card
  5. Helpers name
  6. Worst Trait
  7. How many times have you “battled”?
  8. Ideal name
  9. Best trait
  10. Place ideal

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Quiz topic: What glitter force doki doki warrior am I?