What is your catchphrase based on glitter force

Glitter force! Here we go! Wha-a-ts Your ca-a-actchphrase? Based on glitter force..... Hi! This is another quiz by starryone. READY girls? Shining bright, here comes the glitterforce!

And today and tommorow you’ll see you catchphrase so let’s go! Into the quiz. Starryone’s BEST!! New and revwied ! So don’t go back! (Say none if you don’t apply)

Created by: Starryone
  1. Who is your favourite pink one
  2. Fave red one
  3. Fave line of the song?
  4. Ok if you are in the cookie selling thing what unit are you?
  5. What’s 2+2?
  6. Choose a compound word
  7. #144
  8. Fave emoji
  9. Almost done
  10. Color?

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Quiz topic: What is my catchphrase based on glitter force