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Hi! This is starryone with another quiz. It is the most ultimate quiz of all.In terms of glitter force. Rate a big smiley smile face to get this quiz ranked top.

There is an ultimate mode in glitter force (complex) and complex prettycure. It is the second-best mode. Only some other glitter force can apply it along with them. Will it be you?

Created by: Starryone
  1. This is it. Boss mercinare comes to you. His smasher toes have built-in claws.It bumps it’s pads and a dark bloom surround him. What do you do?
  2. He squirts an unstopable ink at you. What now?
  3. You warrior’s names are:
  4. Ok.Your pet dragon,luma, creates a force field SO strong that nothing can get in exept shadow element.
  5. You do an attack. You do it with your:
  6. Next, you find a mysterious dragon. You:
  7. Then, You figure out the new dragon’s name it is:
  8. Luma and dragon unite
  9. Unite:
  10. Your new dragon does the final attack.
  11. Prodigy do you like?
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