Which Glitter Force Girl are You?

Beating baddies and saving friendship, one story at a time! I'm... Glitter Heart! Heh heh heh, you can call me Stacy if you would like! I made this quiz to show you which of my five friends you would be!

Emily! Kelsey! Lily! April! Chloe! And... Stacy! Together we make up the Glitter Force, a group of girls facing fairytale villains! I hope you like the quiz ^-^

Created by: FriskPacifist1 of Amino account link :)
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  1. It's your first day of school today! How will you introduce yourself?
  2. The teacher says your assignment is to join a book club. Which book will you pick?
  3. Suddenly, the sky turns dark and a wolf appears in the sky. How do you react?
  4. You are surrounded by sparkles and a pixie tells you about the Glitter Force. You pick up the pouf. How will you apply your Shades of Power?
  5. How will you channel your Glitter Spirit into your compact?
  6. How will you insult the wolf to aggravate him?
  7. How do you react to being in the "Glitter Force"?
  8. Will you follow me on Amino? No effect on your score, but please follow me. I put my heart into the work I do, and it makes me feel so happy when people recognize it!
  9. Do you like this quiz? No effect!
  10. Which character do you think you're most like? (Very low effect)
  11. I love you all! Have a nice day! Let's get this in the top 40!!!(Obviously no effect)

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Quiz topic: Which Glitter Force Girl am I?