Mysterious Case Part 1

Ready to go on a adventure with a girl's Crazy wild life. Well you came to the right place. Defeating Mean girls sceme's making friends, traveling, and exclusive fashion trends. Well come on down and read my story

This Fiction story is made by me. It's about a 15-year old girl named Katherine going on wild quests during high school. And defiantly defeating Iris at her Mind games.

Created by: Antelope of time

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  1. . The morning to dawn, I woke up to the beeping head-aching sound of my irratating alarm clock. As much that I wanna get a baseball bat and hit it i was just to tired to get out of my warm, coozy blanket. But my sister crack the door open and yell'd. "Come on wake up!" Her perfectionate skin glowed she had mom's Icy blue eyes and Bouncy curly irish hair from my dad. And some freckles. My hair was jet black and straight but I had the most prettiest green eyes. I ran a hot steamy shower. It was the most wonderful shower out of all my mornings.Usually I just pick random things out to wear but today I should wear my new wardrobe my mom bought me. I picked out..
  2. . As much as I can taste the nice crispy, mouth watering bacon smacking my taste buds, our dog, Sunny, wuth its cute furry self ran down the stairs, jumps on the table and took a bacon piece. My mom came in and shoo the puppy away. Katherine, you need a ride to school I have plenty of time before I go to work. My mom worked as a FBI spy. Her crisp black hair was neatly in a bun, she wore a womans dress suit and some extreme high black pumps. Dad came down in his buisness suit. He was a realtor. And let me tell you my mom married the right guy. Dad kissed her when he came in the dining room. Hey honey dad took a look at my moms curved figure. Ugh how i hate that they kiss infront of casey and casey gets so "awwww and crap like that" Honey you look sexy. And guess what he grabbed her but. I cant believed mom giggled and blushed at that. Oh henry she said go eat your breakfast. Hi dad both me and casey said
  3. I looked at the time" 9:00" Mom we have to go. I wrapped my Dad's famous chocolate chip pancakes in a napkin. Casey was wearing something as bright and loud as usual. Yellow tank top, Red sweater, Yellow skinny jeans, orange flats with rainbow ankle length socks. It was her turn to sit in the front. I slid in my moms Jaguar E-type british sportscar. The seat was smooth and comfy. Casey popped out the mirror and added her Red juicy Wine colored lipstick. Mom adjusted her sunglasses as I gotta admit she looked really awesome in them. Mom loves rock music so she puts some fresh yet classic songs.
  4. Mom dropped us off at the parking lot. The crowd of guys come tumbling down to Casey as the windy weather blew her hair and made her look hot. I sighed being all alone I bumbed into where your going freak! She stepped on my beautiful new shoes and made a scratch. I was about to explode but my best from Clara stopped me. Hey! She yelled in my face she was one of those Confident, Optismitic, and Sophistcated type. She wore Hipster glasses. A hat with a paper in the side, T-shirt, black shorts, brown combat boots. Iris and Clara are apparently cousins. They look alike kinda but there personality's ARE WAAYYYY different. The day was boring but still young. No missions or anything no detective work.
  5. But during first period, Mrs. Judisha assigned partners. 'Iris and Debby' Debby was one of those "sweet and sticky nerds" But around her friend she thinks she smarter than them. Iris uses her and Debby is to oblivious to even know. Sometimes I think Debby's brain is smarter than her whole other body. After a whole collusion of saying people's names I got Maya Lucid. Maya was the teacher's pet. She's really quiet but really intelligent.
  6. Mom and Dad usually arent home when we walk home. As me and Casey entered the house, Notes from Mom and dad are both for me and casey 1 for me and 2 for Casey. Casey read it out loud. Dear Cas-Cas I hope you had a great day at school. love mom. And your dad -.- She opened another and appreantly it was from the mall up in that really nice corner with shopping centers and fancy restruants and fun amusment rides. Near the moutain with the Hollywood Sign on it. It said " Dear Casey, You are invited to a shop long 50% sale with our newest, hottest, havent come out yet demo fashion show in our shop. There are 3 tickets in this letter. Choose wisely cause there's Celebrities, Free give-a-ways,and fun after-party and hang with fresh, yet celebs, so be there or be squared. Sincerly, Fashion critic and store manager Lana Magenta. Wow I think I cant hear myself think after her squeal. She grabbed me and almost made me fling on the big Corridor marble flooring. Come on Katherine you've got to come there might me mysterious to solve and hottest deals to wear. And see. I sighed in agony. I rather stay home and watch some lame disney shows and some awesome Cartoon Network shows. Hey, your never to old for Regular Show. I was waiting for more Mystery work to do but not OUTSIDE school.But I agreed who would wanna miss an demo with CELEBS. I would but I accepted and got one of the tickets. I begged Casey to give one to Clara. Clara was part of those cool Magazine presses and stuff she might wanna do a story on this and help Lana Magenta get more recanition.
  7. . As I watched endless Tv, I fell right asleep in my Blue signature blanket, and Lavender Designed pillows. Tomorrow I would go down to The park to meet with Maya to finish our Project. I FORGOT TO SAY! The project is about The Parts of sea marine animals and make models of disscted sea marine animals and stuff.
  8. (I just messed up one of my paragraphs. So this is the continuing of it. I'll make a quiz for thd paragraph you didnt get to read) And let me tell you, Casey is EXTREME at Water Polo. Water splattered on her. And she closed her eyes in anger, she took the ball jumped high up like Mario and smacked it good enough to Me! And good enough I grabbed Clara's feet and she fell in the large pool. I met her underwater and she screamed and hugged me. We stayed under the Pool and Saw 30 Snobs get nailed hard by my sis. Just as Casey got a text. It was from Lana Magenta, It said We will have to move the demo on friday. KEEp the tickets. Casey shrugged and all the Snobs groaned. Iris whined in her girly voice but it changed. That was kinda fun since you have nothing to do Casey how about we have an all Girls sleepover. Casey shook her hed Yes and headed inside. All the girls I mean snobs exact went in Casey's room to change me and Clara went in my room and locked it to make sure the SS's didnt play any pranks. Me and Clara put on---->
  9. Clara was watching, Pretty Little Liars. I gave her a blueberry poptart and I had a strawberry poptart. Casey texted me. And I almost choked on a chunk of my Poptart Casey: Guess wht! Iris is coming with us Kathy: What!? Casey: Come on! Kathy! Kathy: Ugh...I was hoping Clara would come! Casey: I kinda dont like clara! Kathy: Well I dont wanna go any more! go with one of the SS's. I turned off my iPhone 5 and put it pack on my dresser. I took a deep breathe and calm down. Clara was to in with the show. I took trash bin and went in thr hallways I past Casey's room and could hear Girls giggling and One direction songs playing and who knows what.. I emptied it. Went back upstairs and closed the door and locked it. PRETTY little liars ended and Clara jumped up. Her optimistic irish voice spurrtered out of her Strawberry-spring lipglossed mouth.What you wanna do? She said. I thought maybe we can make some real food. Clara had a recipe for Veggie Meat Pizza. Good thing My mom went grocery shopping.
  10. I unlocked my door and I heard a door open and close and me and Carla were getting ingredients for the Veggie Meat Pizza Italian style. I turned around while Clara was humming and saw Little smirking from up on the 2 floor of our house. Then she sashayed back into Casey's room. And she had that Evil Smirk.
  11. hanks for reading guys. And in the comments Make your own character I'll pick the Best Top 5 they'll get a longer role the other 5 will get a short role. Facts: Iris's full name is Irisella Rate, Comment. Thanks goodbye! Part 2 Will be comin soon!

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