Epic Summer Part Eight

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Welcome to Part Eight! In this episode, you have made it out of the burned cabin, but at the cost of being caught by Bill, who is now wondering what you're punishment shall be while the three of you sit in his office.

Recap: So in Part Seven, you finally got the chance to explore the mysterious, supposedly haunted burned down cabin with Isiah and Emily. Not knowing what you're getting into, the trip suddenly turned disastrous...

Created by: James Bond

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  1. "I'm not sure what to do with you three," Bill begins, the three of you sitting uncomfortably in his office. "I want to hear the whole truth on what happened..." Bill caught the three of you in the cabin after receiving an "anonymous" tip from someone on where you were. Now he wants to know the whole truth. Do you tell him?
  2. While Isiah explains what happened, you can't help but wonder who might have tipped Bill off about where you were heading. We have Sam, who promised he'd keep it secret, but can you blame him if he confessed? Bill is his father, after all. Then we have Michael, who seemed that he didn't like the fact that the three of you went without him. Sean could have woken up, and looking out for you as always, told Bill. Or it could have even been Brian, who would have taken an opportunity to spite you. But how would he have even found out in the first place? Based on these four, is there anyone who seems suspicious?
  3. After Isiah finishes, Bill doesn't speak for a long time. Then, after he thinks on what was said, he begins with "Alright. It sounds like you three went through enough already. But I want to make something clear: you three stay away from there. If I find any of you around that cabin again, I don't care what happened to you inside, you'll all be tried for trespassing." Ok, so he's really serious about this. "Now I'm sorry you all had to see what was in there. The fire was a tragedy. If I were you, I would put the whole thing behind me and forget about it. Go have some fun to take your mind off it. Just keep away from those woods, that's all I ask. Now that I've made myself clear, you can go," he finishes. Thoughts?
  4. You, Emily, and Isiah all wander back into the darkness of the camp, not speaking. Pause for a second. Are you thinking of going back to the burned cabin anytime soon?
  5. You glance at your watch. 10:30. Curfew is in an hour. Isiah is going down to the snack bar,looking back at you to see if you're coming. Where do you go?
  6. You trudge back in the direction of your cabin like a zombie. You notice that the other cabin wasn't burned, it would look pretty much like yours. You slowly creep up to your room and open the door. Sean sees you come in and says "Hey. Where have you been off to?" Thoughts?
  7. This quiz is to be continued :P.
  8. So right now, you are ALMOST halfway done with the series.
  9. So what are your thoughts on the story so far? (No effect)
  10. Good luck in Part Nine... BROFIST

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