Epic Summer Part Five

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Welcome to Part Five! In this episode, you will learn more about the abandoned cabin in the woods, and why Sam's dad, Bill, otherwise known as the councilor, doesn't want anyone other in that area.

Recap: So in part four, you met some other group members at dinner: Quinn, the jokester, Sam, the councilor's cheery sun, Bone, the self-conscious boy, Alyssa, the snarky brunette, and Emily, the attractive blonde.

Created by: James Bond
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  1. You and Emily make your way up to the snack bar while making some conversation. But one thing is on your mind that keeps eating your mind up: That creepy cabin (As seen in the quiz picture), where those kids died in the accidental fire. "If anyone is found over in the area, you will be punished..." Bill's words echo in your mind. You want to ask Emily, but you think that might ruin the moment. What do you do?
  2. For now, you decide not to say anything. When the two of you get to the snack bar, you notice that it's not some little snack stand, it's an entire small building. Well, this camp refuses to disappoint, don't it? So inside, just like the mess hall, various desserts are put out in bins. From the looks of it, Ice Cream seems to be their main specialty. With bins set out for Strawberry, Cotton Candy, Chocolate, Vanilla, and Cookie Dough, which one do you pick?
  3. Regardless of what you got or didn't get, Emily goes for the strawberry. Just as the two of you are about to sit down, Emily spots Sam and Roy, or apparently as he's called, Bone, waving the two of you over towards their table. Sam sporting a nice cotton candy ice cream, with Bone licking a vanilla. Emily is already walking to their table, but the question is, do YOU sit with them?
  4. "So Sam, what was with your dad and that little speech of his about 'punishments?'" Emily asks in a joking tone. "Well, I get where he's coming from, he just doesn't want it to happen again," Sam says with a smile. "Ah, (Your name), did Emily here tell you what that was all about?" he asks. "Yeah, but I didn't tell him/her all of it," Emily says. "Oh? You care to hear about it then?" Sam asks.
  5. "Sure," you say with enthusiasm. "Bone, you care to tell?" Sam asks, humoring him. Bone shifts uncomfortably, and begins with "Um... Ok..." in a small voice. "Well... Um... One of the kids uh... Brought in a couple of cigarettes, and... Well one thing led to another, and... The cabin kinda burned down... So I guess they had that coming to them... The cabin wasn't burned completely though there's still some left... Well, there's a rumor going around that... that says maybe their spirits are all still there, waiting for someone to put out the extinguished fire..." Well, ok, it takes Bone about a week to get out a sentence. Any thoughts on what you just heard?
  6. "You remember when you, me, and Alyssa went over there to scope it out that one time?" Sam asks Emily. "Oh, yeah, that was insane. Your dad would have killed you if he saw us..." she responds. "I didn't really get a good look inside," she says. "Hey, how bout giving it another look?" she asks excitedly. "What, go back? You insane? I don't know about you, but I'm staying here and finishing my ice cream," Sam says. Bone nods in agreement with him. "Well fine then," Emily says with a playful smile. "(Your Name), how bout you? You man/woman enough to go check it out?
  7. "Nah, I'm a little tired..." you say, hoping she won't see through it. "Alright, suit yourself," Emily says with another grin. Sam and Bone get up from the table. "Alright (Your name), how's about we head back to the cabin then?" Sam asks. "You have the same cabin as me?" you ask back. "Yeah, we have the room next to you..." Bone says. "How can you tell?" You ask again. "Me, Bone, and Quinn can hear Sean through the walls. He's a loud guy," Sam says. Well, you feel like heading back with them?
  8. Alright, this quiz is to be continued :P.
  9. Alright, so the voting is in. I will be making 20 in the series. It is now officially too late to vote, so please no more :P.
  10. Good luck in part six... BROFIST

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