So this is high school!part 8

Part eight, yay! I hope you guys like this! Here's another shout-out for my totally awesome readers, DaughterOfApollos,Innominate, Fearless1111, and Ardeo9999! I won't forget you guys, keep reading please!

Now for an actual description: haha that rarely happens. In this part we get to read everything that happens between reading the mysterious thing on the laptop and the next Morning's bus ride.

Created by: thisismyquiz
  1. "No way!" you burst out giggling, and Bree joins you. The screen shows a social networking site where Jam has posted, 'GONNA JAM IT UP WITH LANI RICHARDS AT THE SCHOOL DANCE!JAM,JAM,JAM!!!!!!!!!!!!" "Are you serious?"you snort. "I hope not,"chuckles Bree. "So,has anyone asked you yet?"you ask, shutting the laptop. Bree starts examining her fingernails. "Um,well, Derrien asked me, and so did a couple of other guys,"she mumbles.
  2. "Like who?"you coax. "Just some stupid guys!"snaps, Bree, suddenly tense. "Oh."you whisper. "I'm sorry. I'm just kind of sensitive about this dance junk. I always screw it up. I'll tell you who asked me. Adrian asked me, and Tom from the football team asked me,and William Theodore IIII asked me,"she confides. "Who's William Theodore IIII?"you inquire, grabbing a blanket. "Um, he's this mathlete."Bree says.
  3. "So, who's your pick do ya think?"you ask, snuggling under the warm blanket. Bree snatches a corner of it. "I dunno. I think I might go with Derrien. I'm just not really,uh,FAMILIAR, with any of the others." Bree says, as her cell phone buzzes. She looks down at it for a minute then says, "Jocelyn is stuck, too. She asks, Basketball captain, Jeff or swimmer?" "Jeff?"you suggest. "Hmm,maybe. I'll text her later. Anyways, its almost five. Gotta go,"Bree grabs her stuff and leaves your house. You sigh. Your new friends are so awesome.
  4. You start on your homework, your least favorite part of the afternoon. "Homework on the first day,"you grunt as you finish up. "Girls, dinner. Lois, is Charlotte staying?"Mom calls. "YES,"yells Lois,as she and her friend race down the stairs. You walk into the kitchen. "Hamburgers!"exclaims Mom cheerily. "Yay,"you say without much enthusiasm. "Mom sets down the food, and after everyone is seated, you say grace. "So,girls, how was school?" Mom asks, taking a bite of burger. "Good,"you and Lois chime at the same time. Mom smiles and so do you. "I see you both made friends, which is WONDERFUL,"Mom says a little too loudly. "Anything else you'd like to tell me?"Mom asks stangely.
  5. Lois offers only a nervous giggle. "Hmm. Actually, never mind," Mom shakes her head and you eat the rest of your meal quietly. "Mom, I'm going to walk Charlotte home, okay?" Lois asks. "Okay, sweetie," Mom waves, cleaning the dishes. "I'm going upstairs, Mom,"you give her a small peck on the cheek then run upstairs to your room To think about all that happened in just one day of High School.
  6. After a while, your thoughts drift to the dance. You swing open the closet to hunt down a possible outfit. "No,no,no." you collapse on your bed as your phone chimes. You sit up straight. The last time you got a text was..... When was it? Anyways, the text was from Bree, and it contained not only her number but also Rachel's, Jocelyn's and Lani's. "Score!" you grin and save the numbers. After a short prayer and washing up, you fall into bed, feeling satisfied.
  7. It's the next morning, and you know it, because your alarm clock insists you get up. "Not again," you grunt, even though you kind of really want to get up and start the day. You stand up and again go through your morning routine until you're out the door and on the bus. Josh is sitting with Adrian. You wave a little and want to sit with them until a big hand grabs you and pulls you to a seat. You look up and realize the hand is that of Drake Wembosh. "Uh, Hi Drake," you stutter. "Hi, Lizzy," he says, flashing a killer smile. You don't have the courage to tell him it's Liza. Then you lose it and blurt out, "Are you going to ask me to the dance?"
  8. Drake laughs. "Heck, no. I'm taking Aurora," He says. You feel your face turn lobster red. "Um, oh. Then why did you pull me over here?" you snap. "I-"he begins. "It-It doesn't Matter." you say sharply, surprising yourself by getting up to sit next to a nerdy-looking kid who introduces himself at William Theodore IIII.
  9. Okay! Break from the story! I'd like you guys(anyone reading this who'd be willing to) to please offer suggestions for the dance in the same thread from before in Literature.
  10. Thanks!

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