So this is High School! Part 9

Hey guys! Hey readers! Hey fans! Hey people! Hey non people! I apologize for the long wait for this part! I'll try to hurry up with part 10 to make up for it ;)

Thanks for reading, you awesome people! Thanks for reading this description , this series, you might even read that final note that no one bothers to read! Oh, and a special thank you to all who posted ideas for the dance on the thread!

Created by: thisismyquiz
  1. "Uh, Hi, William Theo-" you begin. "Actually, it's Willtheo for short," the kid says. "Huh," you stifle a giggle. Really? Willtheo? The rest of the ride is mainly uneventful, and you rush to reach Josh when the bus pulls into the parking lot.  "Oh, hey, Liza," he grins when he sees you. "Josh," you reply, nodding.
  2. You see Rob holding the door for people again but this time he holds it for you and winks at you when you walk in with Josh. "I have homeroom Math and Algebra with Miss Langston right now," you wave to Josh and waltz into your classroom.
  3. Class goes smoothly, except for the fact that notes with WILL YOU GO 2 the dance w/me? Are being passes right by you. Ouch. After class you meet Bree outside your classroom door like yesterday.  "So, you and Josh have a thing going?" teases Bree. You blush. "No, at least I don't think so."  "Hmm," is Bree's reply. You walk to English quietly. Bree leaves you there because she has a different class.
  4. After English then History & Geography, you meet Bree, Rachel and Jocelyn by the cafeteria just in time to see Aurora and crew walk by, in full cheer-gear. "Heeeyyy, geeks!" Aurora grins ear to ear, waving at you and your friends. "Ignore them," Rachel whispers, pushing you into the cafeteria. Bree and Jocelyn, disgusted looks on their faces, follow you to a table. Unfourtunately, Aurora and her pals join you.
  5. "By the way, if you hadn't heard over in Loserville," Aurora fluffs her perfect hair and one of her posse forms an L with her fingers,"voting for Prince and Princess are today. I expect to win, of course." We had to admit, we hadn't heard. But that didn't mean we were losers, and it escpecially didn't mean we'd vote for Aurora like a lot of others probably would do.
  6. Right on cue, Aurora sashays, along with her friends, to the popular table. "Hey, let's vote!" Jocelyn seemed all for the idea. "Okay. Hey, Ray, Joce,  c'mere for a minute," you beckon. Then you whisper, "Let's get people to vote for Bree for Woodland Fairy. I bet she'd win." Rachel and Jocelyn's faces lit up. Within a minute, 20 people had gotten the memo from busybody Jocelyn .
  7. . "Perfect. Okay, let's go!" you make your way up to the voting booth and fill out a ballot. King: n/a Queen:n/a Prince: You pause. Eventually, you fill in _____[insert boy's name here]'s name. Princess: Again, you stop to think.  You decide to fill in your own name. It's worth a shot, right? Woodland Fairy:Bree Taylor  "Done," you smile at Rachel and Jocelyn, who have already filled their ballots out. You make your way through the crowded cafeteria back to the table. "Bree, you have to vote!" you coax energetically. Bree looks at you. "No, I don't think so," is all she says. 
  8. Lunch is soon over, and you and Rachel head to Science. The dance is still the topic of conversation, all through the hour. Then you go to the bathroom. It's free period, and you're meeting Paul at the baseball diamond. You toss your hair up into a messy ponytail and run out to the baseball diamond , where Paul is sitting on Home plate. "Hey, Paul," You wave and skip over. "Oh,Hi Liza." he says with a small smile creeping onto his face. "So, what are we doing here?" you ask, looking around the deserted  field. "We are going to play some ball!" Paul stands up and pulls out a bat and baseball. You laugh out loud. You aren't exactly the best baseball player. "You wanna pitch?" he asks.
  9. "No!" you giggle. Paul joins you in laughter. It feels good, really good. "Try," Paul finally urges. You give in, and take your spot while Paul finds his. "Okay," he smiles. You try to steady your arm and make a great throw.... Which doesn't work. The ball hits Paul in the head, making you two laugh even more. After ten more tries, Paul suggests walking around the empty field. You agree, and stroll with him along the edge of the field. "So, um, what club did you join?" He asks. "Songwriting," you reply. "Oh, cool. Do you know Lani?"Paul asks. "Yes," you nod. "How is she?" he says quietly. "Well, she's doing great, I guess." you don't really know how to answer. If Paul wanted to know how Lani was, why didn't he just ask?
  10. "Uh, shes-shes my uh,ex," Paul mumbles. You nod understandingly. "You don't want to talk about it?" you ask. "No, no it's okay. See, Lani just... Didn't want the relationship I wanted. We don't really talk much now." Paul reveals. "Oh. I think I hear the bell. I better go. Bye, Paul. Thanks."  During songwritigng club, in the midst of the music, your thoughts drift to Paul and Lani's history...... By time for the bus home(which you are determined to catch this time), no one's actually asked you. Until you get on the bus and Josh waves you over. "Hey, Liza, I was wondering-"

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