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  • WHAT'S JOSH GONNA SAY?! HE'S GOT TO ASK LIZA TO THE DANCE, MOSTLY BECAUSE THAT WAS THE QUESTION ON HOW TO ASK SOMEONE. And whoops, forgot the caps was on XD but I'm too lazy to go back and delete it :P. Awesome part, can't wait for the next :D.

    Oh and P.S. Can you take my new series called "Something Weird"? I would really appreciate it because I'm trying to get a lot of people to take it. :).

  • I like this series. A LOT. Keep up the good work. And p.s. I appreciated the fact that you dont swear and you mentioned praying before meals. :) Its good to know that some people still do that in this crazy world today!

  • You made part 9!!!! Thank you :D Twas realllllly good, I know what he's going to say... at least I THINK I know :P Next part next part next part please!

  • Thanks guys. :]


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