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  • i need dating advice
    "NO! If ur a girl NEVEERRR ask a guy out. Thats not just old fashioned common courtesy, its sensible. Guys like to chase girls. (figuratively..."
  • "Btw the drawing was just an example of course. The idea is to find something you both have in common and make that known to her, and impress..."
  • "I would say step one would be to impress her. Not show off, but find out her interests. Say she likes drawing. And say you were good at draw..."
  • i like a guy?
    "well what it said above that is kind of cute of him to do and i would say become friends and dont rush things, if you and him are meant to b..."
  • "if words come easier to you on paper, then write him a note... i did that with my crush and he acts like we are bffs now but ive known him a..."
  • so i like this girl.....
    "heres a tip: ask her who she liked first. if she likes two people, than she really doesnt like the first person as much or else she wouldve ..."
  • Need advice?Come to me:)
    "(see i was trying to keep it a secret but my sister and all my friends know, but for so long ive told my parents romance is gross but then w..."
  • Need advice?Come to me:)
    "we face timed once but it was extremly awkward, because neither one of us were saying anything... and my parents dont know i text him so i w..."
  • Need advice?Come to me:)
    "ok so theres this guy i met 2 yrs ago when our family went to his house for dinner, my younger sister (by 2 yrs) and his sis older than him ..."
  • "I'm a christian and I hate it when people hate other ppl just because they have different views. i believe its better to find common ground ..."
  • Riddle me this, Batman.
    "yah, about those verses you posted, theyre absolutly true, and "we have all sinned and fallen short of the glory of God." Romans 3:23. "For ..."
  • Evolution....
    "I'm not going to argue with you anymore. You have been given the oppurtunity to admit that there is intelligent design when we consider the ..."
  • Evolution....
    "And by the way God is a God of love not of wrath. The Bible says so, and God's proven so throughout my life, therefore I know there is no Al..."
  • Evolution....
    "that was from Mutations and Evolution p. 189 og Science of the Physical Creation. It also says, "Evolutionists still cling to the idea that ..."
  • Evolution....
    "Mutations in body cells do not result in new, useful organs; they result in cellular death, impaired cell function, or runaway cell growth (..."

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