I Need Help Please!

I feel like everyone hates me. They all treat me like I'm a freak. They plan sleepovers right in front of me and act like I'm not there. I'm really lonely.

How do I get more confident without acting like a moron? Because seriously, my flirting skills make me look sooo stupid! How can I express myself?

Created by: ThisIsMyFace

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  1. Please read top paragraphs.
  2. I think everyone hates me. Everyone my age, anyway. I only have one really close friend and she lives across the ocean in England. I only get to see her every four years but we Skype and email a lot.
  3. My previous bestie barely gives me anytime and recently told me she doesn't feel we have a connection anymore.
  4. I try to be nice to everyone- I'm just so shy! I find it hard to talk to people. Most adults and my teachers like me because I always pay attention and answer questions.
  5. People never flat out say anything mean to me but they treat me like I'm a freak. Girls that I sit without always act like I'm a baby. When I smile they say "Omigosh your like" and they smile like Demi Levato and tell me that's what I look like.
  6. No one wants to give me anytime and they don't like hanging out with me. I don't think I'm weird. Im just really quiet.
  7. I go to classes every Sunday night with people I have known my whole life and no one even looks at me. I feel like I'm not even part of the group. Everyone just overlooks me.
  8. I wonder if people think I'm stuck up because I don't talk to many people. I feel hurt a lot because people overlook me. Every guy I've ever liked likes my former bestie. I feel rejected.
  9. Last year the teacher wanted a class picture. I was in the bathroom. When I came back they were taking the picture. I sat on the front row and waited until they took the picture. The teacher seriously looks at the picture, looks out at the class, and goes "Hmm, someones missing, but I don't know who. Oh well." I'm just sitting there like 'are you kidding me?!'
  10. I've tried to be more out going, but I feel like an idiot doing what the other girls do. I'm really self concious and I don't know how to express myself.
  11. I got cast as Mary in last years christmas play. The guy playing Joseph barely said two words to me the whole two months of practice!
  12. I'm always the one left sitting there while everyone else is off doing something. The only thing people ever pick me for is trivia games. Then they fight over me. Hehe.
  13. Why don't people like me?! And how can I express myself without acting like these other flirty "oh my God a guy looked at me" girls? That's just not me.
  14. Please comment.

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