Are you lonely?????

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This is my quiz. It is for you to find out if you are a lonely person or not. If you want to prove to your friends that you aren't lonely, then this is the quiz for you.

Are YOU a lonely person? If so then this quiz can prove how lonely you REALLY ARE! If you are not lonely then you can prove the percentage of how lonely you aren't!

Created by: Igottadorito

  1. How many friends do you have?
  2. What do you do with your friends?
  3. There is a crowd of people and you get pulled in what do you do?
  4. Do you live by yourself?
  5. I am out of questions got any??
  6. Thank you for that answer! So.....are you single or working on it?
  7. How many people do you go places with?
  8. How many questions were there on the 4th question??
  9. I got nothin so just confess if you are lonely
  10. You are done the quiz!!! How do you feel?

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Quiz topic: Am I lonely?????