How un-important or lonely do you feel?

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There are many lonely and unimportant people out there! if you wanna see what you are, step right up and find out! i tried to give my best opinion on the results hope you like!

If you are and you no your lonely i wanted to tell you that i am here for you! you are not alone! i feel the same way you do!! i explained my feeling already so you should no! (in the forum)

Created by: pkiera75
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  2. What is your gender?
  1. First of you feel lonely?
  2. Do you feel un-important?
  3. When asking someone a they help you? or do they ignore you or say leave me alone or i dont know or say it's not important?
  4. Do you have "many" friends?
  5. Do you have thoughts of suicide?
  6. Are you always alone?
  7. Approximately how many friends do you have?
  8. Are you goth, emo, etc? (sorry i stereotyped i dont like to but...)
  9. Do you wish your life would just end?
  10. Do you want to be forgotten?
  11. Are you always happy? describe your daily feeling to me outta the ones below...
  12. Do you ever think about running away?
  13. Did you find this quiz offensive? (sorry if you did...)
  14. Do you like the people that surround you? do they harm you or anything like that? or like they don't believe you?
  15. What is your favorite colour?
  16. Do you feel depressed in any way?
  17. Do/does you think anyone loves you?
  18. Would you ever go Bull riding?

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Quiz topic: How un-important or lonely do I feel?