Will you remain lonely near the end of your life?

Would you like to know what are the chances to become a lonely person? And also some indications of how to escape of loneliness and how your life is related to that .

"Man has no choice but to love. For when he does not, he finds his alternatives lie in loneliness, destruction and despair." Can you avoid loneliness? Try to understand it first why is so important to be social and to care about others

Created by: Madruga
  1. Are you pessimistic or optimistic type of person?
  2. Do you like to socialize with many people?
  3. Are you shy or a "cool" person ?
  4. How much do you like sports? (practice and/or watch)
  5. What would you choose if it would be possible to be yours at full capacity?
  6. Your parents were 'nice' with you?
  7. What's your favourite colour?
  8. Do you love your girlfriend/boyfriend?
  9. Are you a realist type of person or a dreamer?
  10. Would you invite friends to your house for holidays?

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Quiz topic: Will I remain lonely near the end of my life?