The Lonliness Quiz

Everybody is lonely, but how lonely are you? This quiz indicates how oten you feel the way described in each of the following statements. People be honest for honest results.

If you'd like to know why i chose to make this quiz. it is because i took a quiz similar to this, and interstinf enough my outcome was somewhat of a bad one. I looked into it. Turns out i really was lonely. Maybe you are too. Enjoy the quiz, Results may vary!

Created by: W.a.S.p
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  1. I feel in tune with the people around me.
  2. I lack companionship
  3. There is no one I can turn to
  4. I do not feel alone
  5. I feel part of a group of friends
  6. I have a lot in common with the people around me
  7. I am no longer close to anyone
  8. My interests and ideas are not shared by those around me
  9. I am an outgouing person
  10. There are people I feel close to
  11. I feel left out
  12. My social relationships are superficial
  13. No one really knows the real me
  14. I feel isolated from others
  15. I can find companionship when I want it
  16. There are people who really understand me
  17. I am unhappy being so withdrawn
  18. People are around me but not with me
  19. There are people I can talk to
  20. There are people i can turn to

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