The Quiz of loneliness

It seems that in today's society the percentage of lonely people around the world is going up dramatically. This can't be good and needs to be stoped.

Are you one of these lonely people? Do you need someone to keep you pleased? Take the quiz of loneliness to find out and your life will be improving in no time!

Created by: Mr. Wilson

  1. Do you find yourself spending your weekends:
  2. Your current friend count on myspace is:
  3. Your social network includes:
  4. Most of your photos are of:
  5. You would most likely be found:
  6. Do you find it hard to make friends?
  7. You would prefer to be eating:
  8. In the morning you:
  9. The last time you received a hug was:
  10. Could You deal with another friend?

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