are you getting left out on instagram?

There are many celebrities and actors on instagram, but some people are the complete opposite. They get zero activity, and there lonely and not popular.

Do you really want to know if your lonely on instagram? Take this quiz, and you'll see about your popularity or whether you should keep Instagram or not. There aren't many questions to this at all!

Created by: blakefiregaze

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  2. What is your gender?
  1. When was the last time you got activity (in mins, hrs, days)
  2. Do you get very little activity that you have to spam likes just for activity?
  3. Is your account public or private?
  4. How many of your posts on Instagram has AT LEAST 20 LIKES?
  5. Do your friends from middle/high school know about your instagram?
  6. Be positive and think of what most of your activity is from this week.
  7. Are the majority of your posts selfies or posts with other users tagged?
  8. Are you famous elsewhere?
  9. How many followers do you have (estimate)
  10. Do you think your popular on Instagram or at school?
  11. Do you use hashtags on your posts?
  12. And finally, do you use DM often?

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Quiz topic: Am I getting left out on instagram?