How well do you know Instagram?

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The app Instagram is very popular but do you know all that you can about it? Take this quiz to see all of the things there is to learn about this very famous app!

Are you an obsessed guru when it comes to Instagram or a clueless ape? Take this quiz to see! There's no other quiz like this one and the results are 100% accurate!

Created by: Curlingiron
  1. What can you post to Instagram?
  2. How many hashtags can you have?
  3. What's the most popular hashtag?
  4. How many times can you post a day?
  5. What other app is majorly talked about on Instagram?
  6. What's the abbreviation for Instagram?
  7. What's the age limit on Instagram?
  8. Can you be private on Instagram?
  9. How many accounts can you make?
  10. How many people can you unfollow in an hours limit.

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Quiz topic: How well do I know Instagram?