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  • Boy Story.
    "Thanks! Prince Gumball lol (:"
  • "Yea I know the status goes high and junior is better. Im just saying I got a picture once I was a Novice. That's all."
  • Boy Story.
    "And btw, Ill be adding information to this every school day if that won't be too much of a bother!(:"
  • "I made one and just talked in the forums haha(:"
  • "Well I couldn't. That's not fair. @godofminecraft56"
  • "No problem. And listen to Godofminecraft56 to become a Novice or higher!(:"
  • "You can't get a picture unless you're a Novice or higher(:"
  • Black Love
    "It was your average Spring day. Flowers bloomed in everyone's yard, birds sang melodies for everyone to hear, and love was in the air. Well ..."
  • Would you rather?
    "Chick Flick lol Suck someone's toe or lick their nose xD"
  • Boy Story.
    "I haven't haha Im new at all of it."
  • Boy Story.
    "Thanks for the help, everyone!(:"
  • Boy Story.
    "@justaperson- you think so?? @absol- yea maybe haha"
  • Boy Story.
    "Okay lets begin with before school. During summer, my mum said she felt like Id have a boyfriend this school year. She started just randomly..."
  • "Okay; sailor Neptune should just stop. That's kinda annoying lol I get she's saying statements but she should respect when you ask her to go..."
  • "Oh.. Maybe try acting like you enjoy it? Or say just a few things.. They're probably trying to get you out of your shell."

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