Wicked Games AU (Part 1)

Okay so, this is a Toby Turner(AKA Tobuscus) AU Fanfiction type thing. That means that the Toby in this story is not the one in real life. He doesn't do videos, and he's different.

But he's the same. Get my jibe? Pick up what I've put down? Understand the lowdown? Yeah? Okay. Thanks for reading, and there might be more if even one person enjoys!

Created by: WolfSong
  1. Luke's the player. Straight, medium length, dark golden hair. Dark blue eyes. Dark eyebrows. A curved jaw. 28 years old. Toby's the clever, adorable guy. Shaggy, short brown hair. Hazel eyes. Curved eyebrows. Amazing smile. 28 years old. Obviously not Tobuscus since this is an Alternative Universe. AU. Kate's the girl. Long light brown hair. Green/hazel eyes. Tan skin. Dimples. 25 years old.
  2. It's my birthday this Friday. October 11th. That's 2 days from now. I'm turning 26. I'm also going out to celebrate it with my best friend, Toby, and one of his friends, Luke. I don't like Luke. He's overly perverted(In my mind) and he's slept with so many girls. I don't know how Toby can stand to be friends with him. I try to like him, though. I'm sure under all that douchebaggery is a partially nice guy who's only revealed to friends. I can only hope, though. 
  3. 1:00pm, and I'm off to meet Toby and Luke at Luke's apartment. I think we're having lunch. This might be Toby's shot at having me be better friends with Luke. Worth a shot? I slid off the couch I was sitting on and went to my room to get clothes on. Plain white v-neck, jean shorts with a brown belt, and my gray Toms. I quickly flicked on some mascara, and ran out to my car. Really, I could walk there, it was only a few minutes away, but... It was hot out. And stuff.
  4. I pull into a parking spot behind Luke's building. I don't see Toby's car. Guess he was late, too. I meander into the building, and up the stairs to Luke's apartment. Sighing inwardly as I reached his door, I knocked twice. As I waited, my hand drifted to my back pocket where I kept my phone. Just in case. I heard Luke fumbling with the lock, and then finally opening it. I strained a small smile. 
  5. "Hi Luke." The corner of his mouth raised in a smirk, and he stepped back, letting me in. "Toby's not here yet. Pretty sure he'll be here soon." Luke said in his normal medium set voice. The kind of voice that basically attracts all the females in a 50 meter radius. I nodded quietly, and sat down on the far side of a love chair. Luke grabbed a footstool, sliding it over behind him, in front of me. His gaze lingered on my chest as he sat down, hands going to his sides to lean on. I pretended not to notice, silently willing Toby to hurry up. Luke stayed quiet, not talking to me, just looking at me periodically. I fiddled with the ends of my hair, when he got up and sat down next to me. "So what's Kate been up to?" He questioned. He was sitting uncomfortably close. "Nothing much..." I pulled my legs tighter against me. Luke leaned back, his hand landing on my calf. I froze. Sneaking a glance back at him, I saw that he was staring intently at me. His gaze was questioning. He opened his mouth to say something, but Toby chose that moment to knock on the door. Luke seemed to deflate, his fingers, which were still on my calf, flinching. He threw a flitting glance at me, then got up to answer the door. I just sat there, mind swimming with confusion, shuddering.
  6. "Aye girl, how you doing?" Toby announced to me as he and Luke came back into the room. I grinned and got up, leaning over the couch to hug Toby. "Happy early birthday." He had a wide smile on his face "Hey, thanks Toby-" I started to say, before Luke interrupted from the other side of the room.  "It's your birthday soon? How old are you turning?" I glanced over at him warily, recounting what happened earlier. "Yeah. Friday. I'm turning 26." I responded quickly, before turning back to Toby. Luke's eyes flashed darkly for a moment, before he grabbed his keys, and said, "We'd best go now, before we starve to death." With that, he slammed the door on his way out. I grimaced, and glanced up at my friend.  "Where are we going?" I asked the simple question, but Toby just shook his head seriously, pinching my lips together. "All will be explained soon, child." He said to me in his best attempt at a kind middle aged black woman voice. I chortled, and shoved him towards the door. 
  7. The car ride to the restaurant was slightly awkward, Toby and Luke sitting up front while I sat in the back, in the middle. At least the place wasn't that far away. I glanced up at the large sign on the building, reading Longhorn Steakhouse. "Why didn't you tell me we were going to a more expensive restaurant? I could have found some better clothes." I frantically said to Toby. "You look great, girl!" He replied, grinning and slinging me into a hug, while at the same time Luke quietly muttered, "You look sexy." He said it so quietly that really nobody could hear it. But I did. I wish I didn't.
  8. Well, that's gonna wrap it up for me this morning. Sorry, I know it's not that long and it may be a little drunk sounding, but I promise if you guys enjoy it even a little bit I'll make more. I even have another paragraph thingy written, all ready and nifty in notes. So, don't forget to comment, leave a rating maybe, and don't let people make you feel bad, because then there's this part of the population here to make you feel all warmly! like soup
  9. What's your favorite color, you lovely piece of light?
  10. How about you, you amazingly beautiful toot? Who's your favorite YouTuber?

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