The Wicked Test

WARNING: Don't take this if you haven't seen Wicked. Wicked is one the best shows that is currently on Broadway, in my opinion, and I'm challenging all those Wicked Know-it-alls out there to ace this test.

Are YOU that Wicked Fanatic I've been waiting for? Do you have what it takes to get 100? Find out with this test, and remember the scores aren't personal!

Created by: T Lover

  1. What is the main character's name?
  2. What is the name of the school they go to?
  3. According to Fiyero, what is the trouble with schools?
  4. What is Galinda's full name?
  5. Where does Dancing Through Life mainly happen?
  6. Instead of wings, how does Elphaba fly?
  7. What does Elphaba make for her sister, Nessa, to help her walk?
  8. Why is Elphaba wicked?
  9. Almost done! Who wrote Wicked's book?
  10. Last question, will you PLEASE rate and/or comment for this quiz?

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