The Kevin Test!

Let's see how well you know me. If you've known me for years, then you're set. If you speak any foreign languages, that's awesome, but it's not going to help you here. Unfortunately. I suggest opening another window so that you can google a few of these possible answers.

If you're a genius, that's wicked, but unfortunately that's not going to help you here. Reading my front page and getting to know me by talking to me: that's where the money's at. Good luck.

Created by: Kevin
  1. I drive a black
  2. My hair is naturally
  3. My cat's name is
  4. I have
  5. My favorite color is
  6. My car is named
  7. From 5th to 8th grade, I played
  8. My favorite athlete is
  9. I have the worst distaste for
  10. I'm allergic to
  11. My middle name is
  12. I have _ tattoos and piercings, total.
  13. Weston works at
  14. Will does all of the following EXCEPT:
  15. My sister's name is
  16. My favorite band of all time, since I was in 9th grade (year 2000), is
  17. Which of my following friends has never gone to school out of this state?
  18. I want to be a
  19. What do I fear most
  20. I was born in 1986 on August
  21. Which of my friends is literally 4 minutes younger than me?

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