Kevins said what?

There are many people in the world that call themselves a true fan of Kevin Jonas. How many of you can actually remember what he likes and what he has said? Take the quiz to see if your a Kevin master or a Kevin Disaster.

You can find out whether you are a Kevin master or a Kevin disaster in mere minutes. Have no qualms though, I know everyone's going to do just fine. If not then go to my web page and you can find out more about the awesome Kevin Jonas.

Created by: Ashley of Obsessive Jonas Disorder Headquarters
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  1. True or False: Kevin said that looking at Christmas lights after dinner is a romantic date.
  2. True or False: Kevin says that he learned how to play guitar by himself when he was home sick.
  3. True or false: Kevin says that Nick takes forever in the shower. Then he asks how he looks about four times.
  4. True or False: Kevin said that he doesn't like redheads.
  5. True of False: Kevin says he is the boss of the band.
  6. True or False: Kevin says that he likes being the oldest because he can boss his brothers around.
  7. True or False: Kevin said that he is afraid of rejection, especially in music.
  8. True or False: Kevin says his biggest fear is breaking a guitar string onstage.
  9. True or False: Kevin says his favorite subject in school was Latin and History
  10. True or False: Kevin says he had a dream once that a T-Rex from Jurassic Park ate Gilligan from the television show Gilligan's Island.
  11. At what age did Kevin start wearing a purity ring?
  12. What is Kevin's favorite color?
  13. What is Kevin's favorite holiday?
  14. When was Kevin born?
  15. Last Question: What is his worst bad habit?

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