The Kevin Fisher Quiz

This is a quiz about Kevin Fisher, a character on the CBS soap opera, The Young and the Restless. Kevin Fisher first appeared on the show in July of 2003.

Are you a Kevin Fisher expert? Do you think you know a lot about the character, Kevin Fisher? Let's see how well you really know Kevin Fisher from the soap opera, Y&R.

Created by: Robin of House of Greg Rikaart
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  1. Easy question: On Y&R, What actor plays the role of Kevin Fisher?
  2. True or false? Kevin had a great childhood.
  3. What was Kevin's father's name?
  4. Who usually helps Kevin out of legal situations?
  5. In 2003, who did Kevin meet over the internet?
  6. As far as we know (up to 2007), out of these jobs what job has Kevin NOT done?
  7. What is Kevin's nephew's name?
  8. Where did Kevin and Jana make love for the first time together?
  9. In 2007, who tried to kill Kevin and Colleen by setting a fire?
  10. Think back, who did Kevin scare when he dressed up as a vampire?

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