Kevin Jonas Quiz!

Kevin Jonas is a great celebrity. America loves him. He is in the movie Camp Rock. The Jonas Brothers' next tour will be the Burning Up tour.Good Luck!

Are YOU a Jonas genius? Or are you a rookie? Stop wondering, and take this quiz! In a few minutes, you will know your title. So go on and take the quiz!

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  1. Kevin's favorite word is:
  2. When Kevin goes shopping, he buys too many:
  3. His favorite kind of Marshmallow Peeps is the:
  4. Kevin owns __ guitars.
  5. Kevin believes in love at first sight.
  6. Kevin has really good skateboarding skills.
  7. Kevin had his sidekick for _ day(s)before he broke it.
  8. Kevin's first trip out of the country was to:
  9. His favorite character in High School Musical is:
  10. Kevin likes ____ candies.

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