Which Jonas Brother Are You?

though many love the jonasbrothers not may can choose one. which jonas are you? joe the crazy funny one? kevin the sweet guitarist? or nick the sinsitive sweet shy one?

Do YOU like the jonas brothers? Do YOU want to be like them? may be you already are exactly like your favorite jonas. take this quiz to find out how joas you are :)

Created by: nick

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  1. Whats your dressing room MUST?
  2. DO you know what to do with poptarts?
  3. Your friends decide to make a band what name do you put in?
  4. whats your fave junk food?
  5. since you apparently like the jonas brothers whats your fave song?
  6. well now we are in jonas mode so lets rock whos greg (AKA garbo)
  7. now that we got that out of the way who's jack lawless (AKA flawless lawless)
  8. thats onyl two heres number three whos john taylor (AKA JT)
  9. who is ryan
  10. now thats the band but what about the boys who do u think you'll get?

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Quiz topic: Which Jonas Brother am I?