My jonas Brother Quiz#3

Are you an expert on the Jonas Brothers? Do you want to find out? Take this Quiz then! This Quiz Will determan weather you are a true fan or someone who needs to catch up on the facts! Take this test NOW!!! Good Luck!!!

How well do you know the facts about the Jonas Brothers? Do you want to find out? Then just take this test to find out! BEWARE- Some of these questions are really hard!!! Thanks for taking this quiz by the way!!!

Created by: savannah

  1. What color team was Nick Jonas on when playing the Disney Channel Games?
  2. What does Frankie Jonas want to do when he grows up?
  3. What does Kevin like to do for fun?
  4. What do the Jonas Brothers do when they wright songs?
  5. Who is Joe's celebrity crush?
  6. What is Kevins real name?
  7. What kind of song would Joe like to make?
  8. What song does Joe Jonas and Demi lovato sing together in Camp Rock?
  9. What's Nick's middle name?
  10. What character does Kevin play in "Camp Rock"?

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