which jonas brother is yours?

you wanna know which jonas brother would like you?? let's find oput. you can get sweet sensitive nick who'll write you dozens of songs. you can get joe who'll have you craking up none stop! you can get kevin who you can really talk to and who might just be the perfect boyfriend

but which one is perfect for you? find out by taking this quiz. hopefully you're made for you're favorite jonas brother, or maybe you're not. find out which one would like you.

Created by: steffie

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  1. you met the jobros at a concert and they all agreed you were a great girl to hang out with so they invited you on hang out them. what's your reaction?
  2. you agreed to go on tour with them and you're at the first concert. you notice that the three boys are staring at you and forget the lyrics which ruins the whole show. you...
  3. the guys feel pretty bad about what happen so decide to go to the mall and try to cheer up after ruining the show. they all want to go to different stores but all want you to go with them. you
  4. you head back to their house after the mall and joe decides to make everyone milkshakes. you..
  5. joe made the milkshakes but the kichen is completly destroyed. you..
  6. after everything is cleaned up they decide to play baseball in the backyard. it's joe's turn to bat. he accidently kills a bird with the ball. you..
  7. after playing baseball, nick wants you to help him to write a song. you say
  8. kevin accidently broke joe's laptop and doesn't know what to do. he asks you for advice on how to tell him. you..
  9. the guys decide that they want to see a movie. nick wants to see one movie, but joe and kevin both want to see another one. they start argueing about it. you...
  10. you all go to bed after the movie. but you hear kevin downstairs. you...
  11. after your fun day with the jobros, you have to go home. before you leave, nick tells you he had a lot of fun with you and asks you out. you say
  12. You go outside and joe tells you he had a lot of fun with you and asks you out. you say...
  13. you head over to kevin to say goodbye. he tells you you're a great girl and want to get to know you better. he asks you ou. you say...
  14. you're leaving how do you say goodbye?

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