Jonas Bonus! Who would love you most?

BONUS JONAS TIME! If you wanna find out which jonas brother loves you most, then take this test! It is soooooo fun. Even creating it myself was awsome. It resembles real life in a creative fun way!

So, if you are bored and wanna have alot of fun, take this twelve question quiz to find out which jonas brother loves you the most! Have fun and tell your friends!

Created by: saya
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  1. You are at a jonas brothers concert and you have backstage passes. You meet the jonas bros and they ask you to come on tour with them. When you get on the bus their mom is there. She says you can't come cause there is nowhere for you to sleep. Then their dad says that you can share a bunk with one of the joe bros. Who's do you pick?
  2. You and the joe bros decide to have a water balloon fight. Nick picks up a water ballon before joe says go and hits kevin in the eye. Kevin starts to cry. What do you say?
  3. After the water balloon fight you decide to play base ball. It is kevin's turn to bat. He swings and the bat slippes out of his hands and knocks Nick unconcsious. What do you say?
  4. Zac Efron comes over for a play date with kevin. Nick dosen't like Zac so wants to take his dog Elvis for a walk. Joe dosen't like Zac either so just locks himself in his room and watches T.V. Who do you stay with?
  5. What is your favourite falour of ice cream?
  6. What is your favourite colour?
  7. Joe is on computer and he goes on a bad website and gets a virus. Nick and Kevin don't know how to fix it and run off. Do you run off with them or stay and help Joe?
  8. It is the last concert of the tour and Nick calls you on stage to sing a little bit longer with him. What do you do?
  9. you are traveling back to the jonas bros home and they ask you to live with them forever. You say yes. After 4 years kevin is about to move out and buy his own house. Do you go with kevin or stay with nick, joe, Frankie and their parents?
  10. It is a family reonion for the jonas family. Everyone is gathering at their parents house. Joe proposes to you infront of hhis entire family. What do you say?

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