The Joe Jonas Questionaire Quiz

Hey all you Joe Jonas Fans! This is a twenty question quiz on Joe Jonas. At the end, you'll even be educated on the songs that he sings depending on your score! Happy Joe Jonas quiz answering, I hope you all score high!

Are you a true Joe Jonas fan? I hope so if you are taking this quiz. If not then why are you taking it in the first place. But don't worry if you don't score so high, you can always go find out about Joe and then try again!

Created by: Ashley
  1. What is Joe Jonas's middle name?
  2. Where was Joe born?
  3. When is Joe's birthday
  4. What did Joe want to do before becoming a singer?
  5. What's Joe's favorite holiday?
  6. True or False: Joe had a dog names Cocco
  7. What is Joe's favorite color?
  8. True or False: Joe was born on his parent's anniversary.
  9. On the Johnjay and Rich radio show, Joe's mom said Joe stabbed someone in their family in the leg with a pencil when he was young, who did he stab?
  10. Joe can get a little clumsy at times. What did Ellen give Joe when he visited her show after the AMA awards?
  11. How much money does Joe claimed to eaten when he was younger?
  12. Joe was taken to the hospital for head stiches when he fell while making a youtube video, what was the date?
  13. If Joe were to trade Nick and Kevin for celebrities whom would he replace them with?
  14. True or False: According to his mom Denise, Joe would get his head stuck in his Tambourine and in railings?
  15. What was Joe's favorite television show when he was young?
  16. What was the most absurd New Year's resolution Joe ever made?
  17. What is Joe's Chinese Horoscope animal?
  18. Finish the quote : I had an imaginary friend. His name was Joe,
  19. Finish this Joe Quote : I tend to worry about how I look! It's good that I have my brothers around to reassure me. If they weren't there,
  20. Final Question : What did Joe almost crash once?

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