Are you a true Jonas Brother Fan?

There are many Joe Jonas Fans out there! What is a Joe Jonas fan you ask? A real Joe Jonas Fan is a honstly devoted fan of Joe who cares about him. his career and doesnt only like him for his looks or one simple reason but loves him for all his hard work and what he does.

So are you a true Joe Jonas fan? Do you deserve the title of a Joe J Genuis? Well take this Quiz to find out! I hope you do good because if not your just wasteing your time taking this quiz!

Created by: ashley

  1. What is Joe's full name?
  2. What is Joe J's Birthday?
  3. What are Joe J's Nicknames?
  4. How tall is Joe Jonas?
  5. If Joe was'nt in the Jonas band what did he want to be?
  6. What does Joe enjoy doing in his spare time?
  7. What is Joes favorite color?
  8. What is Joes favorite food?
  9. Whats Joe's favorite ice-cream?
  10. What is Joes favorite movie?`
  11. Joe favorite sport?
  12. What is his trademark?
  13. What part does Joe jave in the Band?
  14. What is Joe's favorite drink?
  15. Where was Joe born?
  16. When did Joe first start being homeschooled?
  17. What was one thing that Joe collected as a child?
  18. What is Joes favorite band?
  19. What is one of Joe's personal quotes?
  20. Which one of these did joe say?

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Quiz topic: Am I a true Jonas Brother Fan?