How well do you know Joe Jonas?

There are many people in the world that assume that they know alot about Joe Jonas but not that many people are true fans.If youre a true fan,you would know his birthday,full name,etc.

Are you a true fan of Joe Jonas?Do you have the right knowledge to pass the quiz?Thanks to this great quiz you will finally find out how well you know Joe Jonas.

Created by: Kiera
  1. What is Joe's whole name
  2. What color is Joe's hair
  3. What is Joe's favorite animal?
  4. When is Joe's birthday?
  5. What is the name of Joe's youngest brother?
  6. What type of vehicle did Joe almost crash?
  7. How old is Joe?
  8. What is one of Joe's favorite candies?
  9. What is Joe's favorite color?
  10. According to his brothers,how many times does Joe ask how he looks?
  11. True or false?Joe is homeschooled.
  12. Which of the movies,did Joe play Shane Gray in?
  13. What is Joe's favorite sport?
  14. Who would Joe replace Nick and Kevin with?
  15. Who did Joe go out with?
  16. What color are Joe's eyes?
  17. What is Joe's favorite name for a girl?
  18. What part does Joe sing in the song "Burnin up"?
  19. What is Joe's most pried posession?
  20. What would Joe's career be if he wasnt a singer?
  21. What is Joe's worst habit?
  22. What is Joe's favorite food?
  23. True or fale?Joe's hair is naturally curly like his brothers in real life.
  24. True or false?Joe takes a long time in the shower.
  25. Whats is Joe's favorite pizza topping?
  26. What is Joe's favorite junk food?
  27. True or false?Joe's favorite musician is Freddie Mercury.
  28. What is Joe's favorite kind of icecream?
  29. How tall is Joe?
  30. What is Joe's favorite drink?
  31. What is Joe's favorite tv show?

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Quiz topic: How well do I know Joe Jonas?