Jonas Brothers Fans Quiz

Jonas fans. There are only a few in the whole world! Do you know the songs, the facts, and the extras? A Jonas Brother Fan only happens ever once in a while are you one?

Are YOU a JONAS BROTHER FAN?? Did you want to know if you were as good as everyone who calls them self a Jonas fan? Can you call yourself a Jonas fan?

Created by: Kari
  1. What are the names of the Cds they have made?
  2. What isn't a name of a song
  3. Who is not a member of the band?
  4. What song was on the Christmas CD that nick and his that wrote? (It was the song that got Nick famous)
  5. What does Nick play?
  6. What was Joe's hairstyle called that became famous?
  7. What is Kevin's name?
  8. What is interesting about Kevin?
  9. What is Nick's name?
  10. What is Joe's favorite store?
  11. What is Frankie's full name?
  12. What is Joe's name?
  13. What part is JUST Nick's in the Year 3000?
  14. LYRICS! What song is this? "I'll never change my ways. It's not a phase. This is how it is and this how it's gonna stay."
  15. What years were they born?
  16. LYRICS!! What lyrics belong to this song? Don't tell anyone

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