Jonas Brothers Obsession 2

There are a lot of people who like music. But only some are fans of the Jonas Brothers. And only some of those fans can be dubbed their biggest fans.

Are you a true, die-hard fan of the Jonas Brothers? Are you not sure where you stand? Or do you have no clue who they are? You can find out here at my true fan quiz.

Created by: Lauren
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  1. What is Nick's favorite food?
  2. What is Nick's fav holiday?
  3. What is one of Joe's nicknames?
  4. What is of Joe's fav ice cream flavor?
  5. What is Kevin inspired by?
  6. What is Kevin's fav hang out spot?
  7. What is Frankie's nickname?
  8. Which Jonas Brother wanted to be a comedian?
  9. When is their 3rd cd scheduled to come out?
  10. What movie starring the Jonas Brothers will premiere in June?
  11. What is Joe's character's name in said movie?
  12. What is Nick's character's name in said movie?
  13. What is Kevin's character's name in said movie?
  14. Which song is not on their 2nd cd?
  15. What band inspired Nick to play guitar?
  16. What candy did they do a commercial for?
  17. True or False:The Jonas Brothers have preformed at the White House
  18. True or false:the jonas brothers will be touring with Demi Lavato in the summer of 2008

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