Jonas Brothers Quiz

The Jonas Brothers have many fans! They are a "one-hit-wonder" for 2008. All the teens love them and a whole lot of people know their songs! I mean, who doesn't love them? They're HOTT! But, mostly because they are all single, they all play different instruments, and they write their own songs! This quiz is AWESOME! I love them so much and... well... LOVE them!!! HAHA.

Are YOU a true Jonas Brothers fan? Try taking this quiz! You'll soon find out! If you look really closely, each answer is an answer for each Jonas Brother. This test will see who is a real fan and who is not! Not everybody knows EVERYTHING about the Jonas Brothers, but I know a lot! You can learn a lot by looking up their biographies or anything really!!!

Created by: abby

  1. What is Kevin's full name?
  2. What is Kevin's full name?
  3. What is Joe's full name?
  4. What is Nick's full name?
  5. What is Kevin, Joe, and Nick's little brother's name?
  6. Where was Kevin born?
  7. Where was Joe born?
  8. Where was Nick born?
  9. What is Kevin's birthday?
  10. When was Joe born?
  11. When was Nick born?
  12. What is Kevin's trademark?
  13. What is Joe's trademark?
  14. What is Nick's trademark?
  15. How many c.d.'s will the Jonas Brothers have after June 8?
  16. What is their first c.d. called?
  17. What is Kevin's favorite sport?
  18. What is Joe's favorite sport?
  19. Nick's favorite sport?
  20. What is Kevin's favorite holiday?
  21. What is Joe's favorite holiday?
  22. What is Nick's favorite holiday?
  23. What instruments can Kevin play?
  24. What instruments can Joe play?
  25. What instruments can Nick play?
  26. Who started out singing first?
  27. Which Jo Bro has diabetes?
  28. What is the Jo Bro's favorite baseball team?
  29. Who told the Jonas Brothers to "Live like you're at the bottom, even if you're at the top."
  30. The Jonas Brothers won "FAVORITE BAND" at the Kids Choice Awards 2008.

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