How well do you know the Jonas Brothers??

there are MANY MANY peope who like the jonas brothers, but theirs only a few people who are obsessive fans. The kind of fans the jonas brothers talk about and love to have support by them.

Are you a Obsessive fan? Do you know enough information to be a fan?? well now you can find out by taking this Quiz, which is all about the jonas brothers (: GoodLuck.

Created by: Erin and Kelsey

  1. What are the Jonas Brothers Names?
  2. what are their middle names?
  3. What states were they born in?
  4. Why are the Jonas brothers so amazing?
  5. who has hazel eyes?
  6. Who has Black Hair?
  7. Nick has what type of Diabetes?
  8. whats their brothers name?
  9. Which song isn't one of theirs?
  10. Favorite colors??
  11. favorite food??
  12. Favorite drinks??
  13. High heels, Red dress. <-- lyrics from what new song??
  14. New Disney channel movie coming out in June staring Joe jonas?
  15. Which jonas brother has a Red and gray bookbag??
  16. How many times have the Jonas Brother been on Ellen??
  17. what song is number 12 on their Bonus Jonas album??

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Quiz topic: How well do I know the Jonas Brothers??