Jonas Brothers quiz

Jonas Brothers Fans, This quiz was to test your knowledge on the Jonas Brothers. Hope you do well...and liked it. It has 10 questions..Take your time and read them some might be confusing, but they were not at all to me. But who knows...

Are you a True Jonas Brothers Fan?? Do you have the knowldege to answer all of these questions right? Well in a few minutes we will find out..after you fill out this 10 question quiz.

Created by: Lindsay
  1. How Many People are in the actual Band?
  2. What are the names of the people in the band?
  3. What song is this from, " We don't have time left to regret"
  4. Which of these songs is an embarrassing song on the boys' iPods?
  5. Which one of these songs will NOT be on the new album
  6. Where did the boys grow up?
  7. What is this lyric From "She screams in her pillow, for a better tomorrow"
  8. What are their parents' names?
  9. What is the boys' Group name in Camp Rock?
  10. What is the '08 Summer Tour Called

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