How Much Do You No The JONAS BROTHERS?

There are many people in the world, but few of them are true Jonas Brothers fans. Who is a true fan? a true knows all the 411 the Jonas brothers. if u are a true fan, then u should take this quiz on all of the jonas brothers. hurry, and take it quick!

Are u a true jonas brothers fan? do u no everything about them? well then what are you waiting for? Take this quiz on the awsum, rocking Jonas Brothers!!!!!!! hurry and take this awsum quiz to see if u r a true jonas brothers fanatic or not.

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  1. What are the Jonas Brothers names?
  2. What companies did they help?
  3. What type of car do they each have?
  4. What makes Nick cry?
  5. What is Nick's favorite Disney movie?
  6. What is Joe's favorite Disney movie?
  7. What is Kevin's favorite Disney movie?
  8. What makes Nick happy?
  9. What electronic device can Kevin not stay without?
  10. What is Nick's favorite brand of shoes?
  11. WHat type of shoes does Kevin always wear?
  12. What instrument do they all play?
  13. What is Kevin's favorite JB song?
  14. What is Nick's favorite JB song?
  15. What is Joe's favorite JB song?
  16. What was their 1st song they wrote together?
  17. Where was Nick discovered, and how old was he then?
  18. How old were they all when they started wearing purity rings?

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Quiz topic: How Much do I No The JONAS BROTHERS?