How Much Do You Love The Mortal Instruments?

The Mortal Instruments - a deep, complex AND BLOOMIN' HEARTBREAKING SERIES! How much do you love it, though? And beware, I WILL KNOW if you didn't read the books.

So, are you ready to take the metaphorical plunge? Close that Wikipedia page. Put the copy of City of Bones down. This is some hard stuff here, and if you cheat, YOU WILL BE STRIPPED OF YOUR MARKS.

Created by: TMIFangirl
  1. Isabelle is...
  2. Simon is...
  3. Here is a list of characters, ranging from main to minor. Click the one that you know that is furthest down the list.
  4. Aline Penhallow is of what sexual orientation?
  5. How many Shadowhunter last names can you list without checking?
  6. On average, how much do you reference TMI, or any other Shadowhunter series, daily?
  7. Do you know the origins of the TMI series?
  8. TMI has many story arcs, with two main ones and three secondary ones. Can you name them?
  9. I say Jace, you say...
  10. I say Alec, you say...
  11. Shadowhunters are descended from...
  12. Thank you for taking this quiz! This answer WILL NOT affect your score, but what do you think you'll get?

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Quiz topic: How Much do I Love The Mortal Instruments?