How well do you know Shadowhunters: The Mortal Instruments?

So, how well do you MY favourite book series. Cassandra Clare wrote the most amazing boks that I know everything about and now I want to see if anyone here shares my knowledge. So, do you know as much about Clary Fairchild? Or her best friend Simon? Or the three Shadowhunters, Isabelle, Alec, and Jace that change their lives forever.

I hope no one is actually offended by the results because of course, anyone can know as much about this series if they wanted to. They just have to read the books a couple times and they'll be good to go! Good luck!

Created by: Weirdo
  1. Who is on the cover of City Of Bones?
  2. In what book does Simon meet Maia?
  3. Where do Clary and Jace have their first kiss?
  4. What does Simon turn into at Magnus's party?
  5. Is Clary tall or short?
  6. Jace has extra _____ blood, Jonathan (Sebastian) has ______ blood(Fill in the blank)
  7. What Downworlder is Luke?
  8. Which angel granted Clary's wish to bring Jace back to life in City Of Glass?
  9. Who is the Mother of All Demons?
  10. Where are Clary and Simon at the beginning of City Of Bones?
  11. What special talent does Clary have, that has to do with the Shadow world?
  12. Why did Robert and Maryse take in Jace?
  13. Who was the first out of the five (besides Isabelle) to know Alec was homosexual?
  14. Why was Isabelle so distrusting of men?
  15. What book did Max Lightwood die?
  16. Why did Magnus break up with Alec at one point in the series?
  17. Who does Isabelle fall in love with at the end of the book?
  18. What does Sebastian do to himself and Jace that caused them to not be able to leave each other?
  19. What group was Jocelyn formerly part of and Valentine part of?
  20. Who is Valentine Morgenstern?

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Quiz topic: How well do I know Shadowhunters: The Mortal Instruments?