Jonas Brothers Fan Quiz

Many people out there say they are the Jonas Brothers Biggest fan. Well there can't be so many BIGGEST fans only a few. They know all the songs and facts about the Jonas Brothers!

Do you think you are one of those Biggest fans? Well this is the quiz to take to find out who those few, real die at heart Jonas Brothers fans are! Find out about you with just a few clicks!!

Created by: Coolperson
  1. How many Jonas Brothers are there in the FAMILY?
  2. What are the Brothers in the band names?
  3. What is Nicks full name?
  4. What is Joe's full name?
  5. What is Kevins full name?
  6. When is Nick's Birthday?
  7. Whe is Joe's Birthday?
  8. When is Kevin's Birthday?
  9. What is Nick's Favorite Ice cream?
  10. What is Joe's favorite Ice cream?
  11. What is Kevins favorite Ice cream?
  12. Which Jonas has diabettes?
  13. What song did Nick write in under 10 minutes?
  14. What is their 2008 album called?
  15. Which brother is the "Sore Loser"?
  16. What is Nick's nickname?
  17. What is Joe's Nickname?
  18. What is Kevins Nickname
  19. What is Nick's must-have beverage>
  20. What is Joe's must have food?
  21. What food can Kevin not stand?
  22. What instruments can Nick play?
  23. What instruments can Joe play?
  24. What instruments can Kevins play?
  25. What si the weirdest gift they recieved from a fan?
  26. What can Nick not live with out?
  27. What can Joe not live with out?
  28. What can Kevin not live with out
  29. What is Nick's Favorite Food?
  30. What is Joe's favorite food?
  31. What si Kevins Favorite food?
  32. What does Nick wear on-stage to protect is knees?
  33. What Jonas has been working out more?
  34. What Jonas wrote the song A Little Bit Longer?
  35. What is their new TV show coming out called?
  36. Where did the Jonas' play on Easter 2008?

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