How in love are you with the Jonas Brothers?

How much are you in love with the Jonas brothers? Are you there biggest fan? Do you even know who they are? Did you buy there albem? Is there a dibetic in the family? WHO KNOWS! You can if you take this quiz! Please?!?!

Jonas Brothers. World sensation,Hottest group since the Backstreet Boys, 2 albems and already millionares. sold out concert, screaming fans, swoons of girls everywhere the go! You can be one of those people if you take this quiz!!!

Created by: Olivia
  1. Which Jonas Brother is a Diabetic?
  2. What is the name of there 2008 summer concert?
  3. When is Joe Jonas' Birthday?
  4. What is Nick's full name?
  5. How many Guitars does Kevin have?
  6. What is the Joe,Kevin and Nick's brother or sister's name?
  7. Which song is NOT on the Little bit longer albem?
  8. Who did joe go out with for a while?
  9. On the cover of there new albem what are the 3 brothers holding?
  10. Complete the rest of the words to this Jonas Brothers Song. "Im hot. Your cold. You go around like you know.......

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Quiz topic: How in love am I with the Jonas Brothers?