My Jonas Brother Quiz#2

This is part 2 of "My Jonas brothers quiz". (be sure to check out my first quiz) But when you take this quiz try to choose the best answer. And by the way these question are really hard! So it would be a miricle if you actually got them all right! Thanks!

Are you a true jonas brothers fan? Well take the quiz and find out. This quiz is really hard so good luck! and i hope that you will absolutly and positivly like and love my quiz!!! And Thanks for taking this very quiz!!!

Created by: savannah
  1. Who's album was the first one Joe ever bought?
  2. What is Kevin's favorite color?
  3. What's the first name of Nick's best friend?
  4. What is Nick's special talent?
  5. What did Joe name his guitar?
  6. What website does the Jonas Brothers do their live chats?
  7. How much money did the Jonas Brothers Donate to St. Judes Childrens Hopppital on July 29, 08?
  8. Where was joe born?
  9. What did the Jonas Brothers say they were nominated for on FNMTV?
  10. Whats Kevin's favorite food?

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