Warrior cats She-cat Love story prt 2

Hey guys Lunartealeaf7 here! So ye welcome to part 2! Tbh i prefer Swiftwind because Blueclaw is a jerk qwq and ye I hope you guys enjoyed part 2 background explained down here | v

Y/A/N is Your Apprentice Name, Y/W/N is Your Warrior Name, Russetfang is your brother, Swiftwind is a calico, Blueclaw, a russian blue, Oakfur, a brown tabby.

Created by: Lunartealeaf7

  1. "From now, Y/A/N, You'll be known as Y/W/N." You looked across the crowd, to find Swiftwind, who was Swiftpaw, Blueclaw, who was Bluepaw, You're brother Russetfang, all cheering for you. But once you get off, a brown tabby is staring at you. What will you do?
  2. Swiftwind approaches you. "W-Would you like to hunt with me? We'll get some prey for the ki-" "Shut it Swiftwind, she's coming with ME to hunt". He said, sneering at him. The two then proceeded to argue. The brown tabby sat next to you. "Would you like to hunt with me? These dirt faces won't stop arguing." What will you say?
  3. Before you could say anything, Oakfur walks between the two and they separate. You're brother and new friend, Russetfang and Oakfur decides to hunt with you instead of any of them. On you're way, you encounter a Shadowclan warrior on the Thunderclan borders. What will you do?
  4. Oakfur immediately attacks them before you could do anything. He throws them on the Thunderpath, but right when Oakfur chased them off, a twoleg monster ran over and killed Oakfur! Swiftwind and Blueclaw arrive at the scene. What will you do?
  5. Swiftwind approaches you and apologizes on how he acted in the argument. "And... I was wondering if you could meet me in the Sunningrocks? I want to talk to you about something personal." What will you say?
  6. After doing what you did, you went to see Swiftwind. Swiftwind is sitting at a rock with a troubled expression. "Y/W/N... I can't keep these mask up anymore." He said. "I.. feel like I'm so unloved... What should I do...?"
  7. Before you could say anything, Swiftwind ran away in sadness. Blueclaw approached you from the bushes. "Hey, whats up with him? Being an emotional wreck again?" He joked. What will you say?
  8. After Blueclaw leaves you to yourself, you notice a vision of you in the river with someone. You couldn't tell what it was, and you jumped back in surprise. You look up to notice Oakfur looking at you happily. "You will be with the one you love most." Oakfur said.
  9. You then notice that Oakfur had faded away. You make you're way back to the warriors den and find Blueclaw insulting another cat. And it was... Swiftwind, of course. what will you do?
  10. Part 2 is done! Sorry it took so long! qwq

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