Warrior cats She-cat Love story prt 3

hey guys! It's me Lunartealeaf7! I just finished The love story, and I'm so happy that I did! I hope you guys really enjoyed the last part! And I can't remember what I said in the last part qwq Vocabulary:Y/W/N: Your Warrior Name

Swiftwind is a calico, and Blueclaw is a Russian Blue. Tbh, I prefer Swiftwind bc Blueclaw is such a jerk. uwu and yeah! And yeah I miss Oakfur and Wolfpaw too if you miss them lol.

Created by: Lunartealeaf7
  1. You encounter Swiftwind on your way to collect prey for the queens. "Hey Y/W/N... I was wondering if I could hunt with you?" He asked you. What will you say?
  2. Before you could say anything the medicine cat, Lilybrook, asks you to come with her. She says She has seen you coughing a lot and thinks you have greencough. Blueclaw barges in worried. "She does?" "Get out of here Blueclaw, you have nothing to do with this." Lilybrook said. What will you say?
  3. Blueclaw lies down next to you no matter what you said because he is a little mouse dung, so you ignored him. Lilybrook insists you stay in the medicine cat den, says she can't always be with you. Swiftwind, Blueclaw, and Russetfang are good at herbs. Who will be with you?
  4. Lilybrook decides it would be best for her to choose and she chooses her apprentice, your brother, Russetfang. Russetfang. At night, you notice that there is a fox in the middle of the clearing. You notice that it's coming towards you and Russetfang is asleep! What will you do?
  5. The fox killed Russetfang! You were able to get away, and hid in the elder's den. The fox entered the elder's den as well! The fox ha INJURED YOU FATALLY! You faint.
  6. You wake up in the medicine cat den with Swiftwind sitting before you with a sad expression. "Y-Y/W/N..." He layed his muzzle on yours, his tears pouring all over you. "Alright, Swiftwind, time to leave. Remember that she has greencough." He lowered his head and left the den sadly, and looked back at you. What will you say?
  7. Once you have recovered, you looked outside of the medicine cat den. You hated having green cough. You wished you were with...
  8. You decided you were sick of staying in the medicine cat den and found yourself at...
  9. While you were there, The same fox has approached you! But Blueclaw and Swiftwind pounce on the fox before it could attack you. You feel like your going to get a coughing fit. What will you say?
  10. When you awoke, you were dying of green cough you saw Blueclaw and Swiftwind before you, both crying. What will you say?

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